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I've got a few more bits and pieces up on the Rant magazine website and this time round, I've really come to know my stumbling block - music you would vaguely, loosely and desperately place in the category 'electro.'
So you might understand this review
I think I made a cop out.

Granby Row recording and ITC

Last night I was pleased to be invited to add a bit of violin to a new recording by Manc band, Granby Row. The track is completely different to any of the stuff we do in Air Cav, so I was a little worried they wouldn't like what I came up with.
Luckily they did and they were all such nice blokes. And Tom the producer and Simon Phinn the manager! I was very lucky to be involved and I wish them the best of luck for their gig at In The City this weekend.

Which brings me nicely on to my next subject... In The City!
Tomorrow night, Air Cav are headlining the Elah Valley/Fugitive Motel fringe event at Centro in the Northern Quarter. It should be an ace night, with the likes of Gideon Conn, Julian Donkey Boy and My Side of the Mountain on the bill. I'm also going to be milling around many of the various events this weekend on the prowl for Rant Magazine and I'm really looking forward to it. Make sure you get out and about, supporting local unsigned acts as it's going to be great!

What a week!

Two Oxjams, one Aftershow and one All Dayer = four extremely late nights and lots of fun!

The Aftershow was particularly brilliant due to the stage invasion at 1.30am... and we're booked ts up and about on the web.


Oxjam Number Two - particularly memorable because of obscene heckling from a certain audience member. Al took to the mic to tell him exactly what he thought! Excellent!

So to next weekend... In The City. Air Cav will be headlining the Elah Valley/Fugitive Motel fringe taking place @ Centro on the Saturday night

See you there!

That Manchester All Dayer - tomorrow!

Check it (and us!) out:

Bellowhead Review

Well, I've long adored the talents (ahem!) of Mr. Boden and Mr. Spiers, be it as a duo, as a pair of Ratcatchers, or even solo.
But nothing prepared me for Bellowhead live.

Have a look at my review here:

Off to see Kate Rusby at the Lowry tomorrow so no doubt there'll be a review floating about somewhere in the near future.

Oh, and I'm interviewing Borders fiddler and academic, Lori Watson, on Saturday morning so keep your eyes (and indeed ears) peeled (or should that be pealed?!)

Then... it's gig week! Yes, Air Cav are about to embark on the world record for most amount of gigs crammed in to two weeks alongside juggling full time jobs!

see for the full bunch


Someone's picked up on my review!

It's funny to think people actually read my reviews. I've just discovered the forums on have acknowledged my review and posted it on their message board for all fans to see:
They don't seem to have made a comment on my particular one, though...