A rant!

When I realised I hadn’t heard anything from the editor in what seemed to be an alarmingly long time, I checked out the Rant! Magazine website to see what was happening.
But I was told the domain name had expired.
As is custom, emails also failed to make their cyber way to the editor and other Rant! cohorts which used that domain.
So I thought ‘give it a week, there might be a big overhaul, site refurbishment, something like that.’
But nothing.
I had the editor’s number – although had never used – so I sent a meek text in her general direction (London, I think)
Still nothing.
So the next rung on the ladder to discovery was an email to Rich Hanscomb, former Rant! music editor, current contributor to wonderful publications such as The Stool Pigeon and Flux, amongst others, and guitarist in Brighton’s Junkboy.
And he told me that ‘Rant is no more.’
He didn’t elaborate.
So it sounds like Rant really is dead and gone which saddens me greatly. I can honestly say I cut my rock and indie writing teeth there, and enjoyed the freedom they provided me to play with words and generally talk twaddle. Actually, I was really mean to a great deal of musicians (ahem! If they can call themselves that!) through Rant, taking the magazine title quite literally to heart. Thanks Rant.
Editor Irene – send me an email and explain yourself!