Rows about music journalism

I recently participated in an online discussion on 6music regarding the necessity of music journalism. And someone's a little upset that I defended it - and (lo and behold) - that I appear to be a music journalist!

Well of course I'm going to defend it! I bloody write it! And of course music journalism is biased... that's the whole point, it's an opinion! Music, and the rest of the arts, are created subjectively; are received subjectively - that's the WHOLE POINT!

However, of course, there is also well written and poorly written music journalism - and the well written stuff is a piece of art in itself. I believe that good criticism (and I mean, 'good' as in 'well constructed') only accentuates the good/bad points of the original focus - and surely that's what art, and arts criticism, is about?!

This debate has raged on forever. See Oscar Wilde's essays on the subject, or Walter Pater's The Renaissance - they express far better than I ever would!