It's all confirmed... The lineup for the night I'm running at Cup (Monday May 26th, free in!) as part of the Northern Quarter's MAPS festival will be...

Music from:
Kirsty McGee and Mat Martin
Jenny McCormick
The Bee's Niece

and Spoken Word from:
Joolz Denby
Gaia Holmes
Mike Garry
Jackie Hagan
Fergus Evans
Dominic Berry

There'll be a book stall courtesy of the wonderful Comma Press and the launch of the second issue(!) of For Folk's Sake.

I can't wait! MAPS is going to be fab. I'll post up the flyer artwork as soon as my lovely graphic artist friend Kris has done them...

It's just another manic... every day

Well, it's been unbelievably busy here with the day job, so all's been quiet on the writing front.

Nevertheless, I did manage to catch the undescribably wonderful Lau last week at the Met in Bury, which is also quickly becoming my favourite venue - but maybe I'm biased due to their amazing schedule.

Anyway, here's a link to my review: http://www.spiralearth.co.uk/news/story.asp?nid=1066

And another to my Fairport review of a gig a little while back: http://www.spiralearth.co.uk/news/story.asp?nid=1058