For Folk's Sake - what a weekend!

Well... what a weekend. MAPS was a busy, manic, wonderful success. Our For Folk's Sake night attracted a scarily huge crowd who massively enjoyed our performers - and many have since requested that it be a regular night! You never know - maybe it could be?! Watch this space!

So an enormous thank you to our performers, the staff at Cup, the audience and the lovely folk at MAPS. Maybe we'll do it again some time!

If you weren't at the event and didn't get a copy of the latest issue of For Folk's Sake, let me know and I'll get one to you. Ooh, and there's plenty of delightful badges going, too!

And in the new writing department - check out my review of Mabon's OK Pewter on Spiral Earth:

Right, I'm off to rest, then go violin shopping then Wychwood! Phew!

Motel and Monday!

My first feature for the Motel, entitled I'd Marry That Voice, can be found here:

And, delightfully, kindly Kate the editor included my event on Monday at Cup as one of her things to do over the weekend. Excellent! Thanks, Kate.

For Folk's Sake - It's MAPS festival! And only a week to go!

Here's the delightful artwork courtesy of the wonderful Kris Kendal:

Camp Bestival!

I've applied to cover Camp Bestival on behalf of the wonderful Rock n Reel magazine and all being well, I'll be there. And in the sacred space entitled 'Interview requests', I've garnered strength and courage and wobbily scribbled... KATE NASH. I wonder if I'll get it! I'm sure I can come up with a rousing interview ;)

The Fugitive Motel

Manchester's Fugitive Motel collective are well known in the area and beyond for their humorous and witty responses to music - and now I've joined them! The Motel can be found here: so look out for my ramblings on there from now on!

Hardanger fiddles and Scots accents...

I've just had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah-Jane Summers, Scots fiddle extrordinaire
She's possibly the only person playing traditional Scots tunes on a Hardanger fiddle, and is lovely to boot. She's in a Norwegian-influenced band called Fribo who are currently thinking about a new album - so look out for them shortly!

The interview probably won't be out until November (all Fiddle On's are jam packed until then!) but hopefully it'll be worth the wait...