For Folk's Sake - what a weekend!

Well... what a weekend. MAPS was a busy, manic, wonderful success. Our For Folk's Sake night attracted a scarily huge crowd who massively enjoyed our performers - and many have since requested that it be a regular night! You never know - maybe it could be?! Watch this space!

So an enormous thank you to our performers, the staff at Cup, the audience and the lovely folk at MAPS. Maybe we'll do it again some time!

If you weren't at the event and didn't get a copy of the latest issue of For Folk's Sake, let me know and I'll get one to you. Ooh, and there's plenty of delightful badges going, too!

And in the new writing department - check out my review of Mabon's OK Pewter on Spiral Earth:

Right, I'm off to rest, then go violin shopping then Wychwood! Phew!