Things have been absolutely, wonderfully manic. But that's how we like it!

Firstly, an interview I conducted with Manchester poet, Phil Golding, was in Tuesday's MEN. You can see the online version of it here:
and I'll put a scan of it in the gallery. Phil's such a great bloke and since the interview has appeared in the paper, he's been invited to come on to a radio programme. Good on him!

Another review for the MEN can be found here:
Ian Anderson's Blue Blokes 3 played at The Met in Bury last week and were great. It's a shame there wasn't a bigger crowd to greet them.

And I'm delighted to have been invited by the wonderful Will Lang (of Park Bench Social Club fame) to help out on the press side of things for his new project currently in the pipeline. The project will see a mixture of folk and urban musicians coming together on a collaboration which sets out to prove the two genres aren't all that different. Pilot gigs have had a wonderful reception so watch this space!

So that leaves next week and the BBC Folk Awards...