busy bee, that's me!

A couple of new pieces...

In this month's fRoots, I've got a piece on Rachael McShane. She's an amazing lady. I'll get a scan ASAP and put it in the gallery.

My interview with the Single Cell collective is in the current issue of Mule. It's in the gallery if you want to take a peek.

I'll also be interviewing the Oysterband's John Jones about his crazy endeavours, walking to each gig on his solo tour. Yup, walking.

I've recently interviewed Fiona Driver for a future issue of Fiddle On, and reviewed Mawkin:Causley's first full-length album, The Awkward Recruit, for Citylife.

My friend runs a great zine called The Rookie Files and I've got an interview with my own band mate in there. Self-indulgent? (ahem)