Towersey Village Folk Festival

I had an amazing time at Towersey, running around with the Spiral Earth team. I was so impressed with Spiral Earth's planning and organisation, and I really think the end result, a DVD of the festival, will be brilliant! (And so did the festival-public, judging by the amount of pre-orders taken)

I even enjoyed presenting! God only knows what I’ll look like, though. My hair was so greasy by the final day that I looked like I worked in a chippy!

My highlight of the weekend was definitely Karine Polwart's set. Somehow I've never seen her play before, and she blew me away! Seeing Mawkin juggling various guests in the place of irreplaceable Jim Causley was entertaining, too.

As was Devon Sproule's exclamation backstage:

"I just went outside and a guy came up to me and said 'I saw you at Green Man. You were better. You're too polished'", she laughed, obviously disappointed. "I think he was German."

Which reminds me - I did a really nice interview with Devon for my friend's zine which I believe was never published. I'll dig it out and put it on here.

And the most touching thing over the weekend was Demon Barbers’ Bryony Griffiths, who told the audience that her grandma had passed away in April, but had intended to come and see her set at Towersey, only living down the road.
Moseley next weekend!