*%/! is a four letter word

For Folk's Sake is a pretty daft title, I concur, but I chose it because a) I thought it would imply that our nights wouldn't take themselves too seriously, that they were accessible, inviting to younger audience members, b) I also liked the connotation 'for the sake of folk', i.e. the future of folk

And it seems like others are doing the same:

What? The folk! - http://www.myspace.com/lastnightiwasasinner - another Manchester based collective putting on acoustic nights

Cool As Folk - A night at Odder bar in Manchester, playing 'the snazziest selection of nu-folk, indie-folk and folktronica!'

Folking Cool - http://www.folkingcool.co.uk/ - I only stumbled across this today, but it looks like a mix of old and new folk which is always nice.

Then there's the London-based For Folk's Sake (http://www.forfolkssake.com/) who have a really beautiful site with lots going on.

Has anyone spotted any others?