FFS on BBC Introducing - listen again

If you missed me on BBC Introducing on Sunday night and fancy a listen, have a listen here (I'm about 1 hour 38 in) http://bit.ly/dsOoq7 You'll hear tracks from Irish fiddler player, Emma Sweeney (who is appearing at For Folk's Sake next month), and Anna Kashfi, at FFS at the Zion tomorrow.

I went to see Eliza last night at Band On The Wall. Lovely to see a big and relatively young audience! She was as fabulous as ever, and played mainly new stuff (one in particular was amazing, but the title escapes me!) and material from Dreams Of Breathing Underwater and Angels And Cigarettes. When she does the more chantreuse-y, sexy, bluesy self-penned stuff, the fiddle takes a little more of a back seat but I don't mind as that means she revels in her husky voice. You can tell she loves to sing those songs.

She said that her new album - also original music - will be written in a week and a half, compared to the last one which took seven years. I assume she was joking, but I'm looking forward to it already!