Future Fiddle On feature

I interviewed Emma Sweeney last night for a future issue of Fiddle On and what a lovely lady she is. Born and raised in Manchester to Irish parents, she has grown up playing in all the sessions the city has to offer. So many young folkies are 'born into' the folk world, with singing parents and forays to festivals in the summer which, of course, is wonderful, but Emma hasn't had any of that and has found the (Irish) folk scene herself. She's also careful not to put all her eggs in one basket - a phrase she used several times - and so studied theology at university and as well as teaching fiddle and whistle during the week, works at a college part time, too.

I like that - it shows that the folk scene is all-encompassing and open-minded. You just need to find it first.

Emma's got a new website: http://emmasweeneyfiddle.com/ which I believe is still under construction, and she'll be playing the April FFS at the Eighth Day on, fittingly, April 8th.