A folky few days

On Thursday, I had the joy of seeing PBS6 perform at Bury Met. OK, so I'm slightly biased - being involved in their PR, and all - but they were fantastic! It was so loud; far more like being in a club than at a gig. I think they should try getting some club and festival dance tent gigs - they'd go down a storm to folk and non-folk fans alike!

Then at the weekend, I took part in a fiddle weekend at Wilderhope Manor in Shropshire, courtesy of Fiddle On and in celebration of the magazine's tenth anniversary. I had a great workshop with Pete Cooper alongside 30 or so other fiddlers, and we went on walks and took part in sessions.

I must confess that Saturday night was my first ever session, despite playing the violin since I was 7 and loving folk music. Having very few folky friends, I've never summoned up the courage to go to a session by myself. I was hoping that I'd recognise a few tunes and quickly convert that to my fingers on the spot, but that didn't go quite to plan - I only knew a handful of tunes! But I really enjoyed myself nonetheless, and I've vowed to start going to the Jolly Angler and the Ducie in Manchester. eeek!