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Some FFS-inspired listening here: For Folk's Sake's June 2010 playlist


He's a great writer, a firm friend of Air Cav and a supporter of For Folk's Sake. An all round nice guy. And here he mentions FFS on his rather excellent blog.

Pete Seeger's dad...

... seemed quite a character. In his The Purposes Of Music, he said:

‘the basis for the musical culture is the vernacular of the broad mass of the people – its traditional (often called ‘folk’) idiom; popular music and processional music are elaborate superstructures built upon the common base.'

Very sensible man.

Folk music enthusiasts wanted

Two of the most exciting British folk-orientated websites on the net, Spiral Earth and Bright Young Folk, need writers, bloggers and all-round folky enthusiasts to get involved. Please spread the word - they're such fantastic resources!

I thought I'd really like Trembling Bells...

... but I didn't. Not live, anyway.

Read my review here

Twelfth Day in the MEN ahead of tonight's gig

Twelfth Day in the MEN

I love Twelfth Day's promo photography.

It has to be said that I can rarely say that about folk musicians: they tend to adorn their CDs with inherently awful photos of themselves looking uncomfortable and geeky, with ill fitting clothes, or in cliche poses (looking to an invisible horizon, hair caught by a breeze).

But more of that another time. Manchester's music and fashion photographer extraordinaire, Shirlaine Forrest, captured Twelfth Day perfectly in unusual, eye catching yet honest shots.

And in yesterday's MEN, one of the suite was given full appreciation next to David Sue's article in City Life. Thanks, David! Of course, Twelfth Day are opening FFS tonight at Contact Theatre so do come down - it's going to be a great night.

If you're already missing Mawkin:Causley...

... have a listen to Dave Delarre's Blue Beginnings. It's a guitar-centric mini album from the M:C guitarist and jolly fine it is, too. You might want to have a read of my Spiral Earth review here:

A new PA will be winging its way...

... to For Folk's Sake!

Arts Council and National Lottery logos

Yes, I'm delighted to announce that the Arts Council has granted FFS an award to enable us to buy a brand new PA system. This is going to be a massive help to us, cutting down on overheads so that we can expand our reach by booking more established acts, extending our marketing activities and making sure all our acts are rewarded for their performance.

Thanks, Arts Council!