Twelfth Day in the MEN ahead of tonight's gig

Twelfth Day in the MEN

I love Twelfth Day's promo photography.

It has to be said that I can rarely say that about folk musicians: they tend to adorn their CDs with inherently awful photos of themselves looking uncomfortable and geeky, with ill fitting clothes, or in cliche poses (looking to an invisible horizon, hair caught by a breeze).

But more of that another time. Manchester's music and fashion photographer extraordinaire, Shirlaine Forrest, captured Twelfth Day perfectly in unusual, eye catching yet honest shots.

And in yesterday's MEN, one of the suite was given full appreciation next to David Sue's article in City Life. Thanks, David! Of course, Twelfth Day are opening FFS tonight at Contact Theatre so do come down - it's going to be a great night.