FFS autumn programme, London last week... and more

I'll be announcing the For Folk's Sake autumn programme and our new venue very, very shortly... so keep your eyes peeled! We've got some incredibly exciting artists coming over to Manchester from all over the place, and we're very excited indeed. Especially as we'll soon have our brand spanking new PA system courtesy of the Arts Council!

Thank you to all who came to For Folk's Sake's London debut last week, hosted by the indescribable Magpie's Nest crew. You've heard me whitter on about them already, but they really are worthy of such praise! We had a packed room upstairs at the Queen's Head and Ottersgear, Rebecca Sharp, Eliza And The Bear and Mama Rosin entertained delightfully. Let's hope they invite us back some time! hint hint wink wink.

And stepping away from folk for a second, I've recently had the pleasure of a phone conversation with Chuck from Crocodiles, as documented here at the The Quietus.

There's also a really exciting new initiative in Manchester: Manchester Scene Wipe. These guys produce high quality impromptu videos of visiting and local bands and artists. A great resource for all music lovers, really. To celebrate their 100th video, they're putting on their favourite acts at the Deaf Institute next Thursday (12th August) so do pop down and witness Cats In Paris, Denis Jones, Brown Brogues and With That Knife, plus a DJ set from the people responsible for the best night out in town, Underachievers.