Where's me fashion knowledge?

As people who know me in the flesh will be able to testify, I know very little about fashion. However, I've found myself unexpectedly contacting some of the biggest (read - most daunting, scary ladies with exquisite quadruple-barrelled names) fashion houses in the land in order to let them know about the very latest in bespoke fashion, Wheres Me Jumper. (Yes, the lack of apostrophe is intentional - it's all about url speak, you know)

Wheres Me Jumper encourages customers to design their own jumper which will be forever immortalised in wool, handknitted in Manchester. Beki's had some very exciting commissions to date, including one from Bloc Party drummer, Matt Tong, which are showcased on her website

Unsurprisingly, fashionistas (OK, that word probably really irritates the REAL fashion set, but hey, I never get to use that word) have gone mad for WMJ, with coverage being generated on blogs and via social media. Watch this space...