It's getting off to a good start...

The first FFS of the season, with Jim Causley, was a brilliant night. I even got a little teary, but hopefully, no one noticed.

First of all, the Bailey Sisters - a locally based, close harmony group with whom I often converse on Twitter - turned up and volunteered to fill in for Chris Knowles who had to pull out due to illness. So, after a quick rehearsal in the ladies, up they got and sang four songs, encouraging the crowd to participate, too. It was a welcome and unexpected start.

Many of the audience had seen the respective bands of Daniel Land and Jayn Hanna, and had witnessed Daniel moonlighting in Jayn's The Steals, but few had seen them play together. They told us repeatedly that they were under rehearsed, but you couldn't guess - Jayn's voice is even more mesmerising when you're up close and Daniel's simple accompaniment of soundscape washes is simple but effective.

And then it was Jim. He abandoned the PA and took to the floor, to his audience on his level. He is like a master of ceremonies: he introduces his own act, his material and his thoughts and emotions with ease, confidence and authenticity. Did I say I got a bit teary?! I did.

Anyway, you might want to read a review from an outside agency, not from someone as biased as me - the promoter!


Now it's the weekend and Air Cav is recording our debut album. It's very exciting, even though I haven't yet played a note. We're at this fine establishment and I'm pleased as there's two horses in patting distance from the front door. As soon as we're done - I should imagine it'll be a while - I'll let you know where you can hear it.