We are two.

Yes, For Folk's Sake has made it to two years old. I'm very proud at this milestone as - to be quite honest - I didn't think my nerves could take it for two whole years. I'm a rather nervous, cautious and oft pessimistic person at the best of times, so running a monthly night and all it entails has been quite a challenge, though the rewards have been massive.

Anyway, please do join us for our birthday celebrations in two days time - Wednesday 20th October, upstairs at Kro bar, doors at 7.30pm. We will be joined by the BBC Radio 2 Folk Award nominated all-female six piece (phew!) The Shee, who are currently on a nationwide tour to promote their new album, Decadence. And we're promised clog dancing - bring it on!

In support will be We Are Willow, a new project from one half of FFS faves, Butler-Williams.

And a second birthday will also mark a new FFS feature - we're trialling floor spots! Come down at 7.30pm and witness some homegrown talent.

Oh, and did I mention there'll be cake?!