FFS at the Friends of Manchester Festival!

The Friends of Manchester festival, designed to allay the boredom and dreariness of January, is brought to you by the guys at Friends of Mine. And luckily for us, we've been invited to host our own stage upstairs at Kro bar as usual.

So come on down and give your ears a rest from all the other bands in Jabez Clegg and Kro, and have a listen to:

2.30pm - 3pm - Alex Hulme

4.30 - 5 - A Rookery

5.30 - 6 - Marry Another

6.30 - 7 - Glass Ankle

7.30 - 8 - Ottersgear

8.30 - 9 - Esther Swift

This all-dayer or here. They're also available in Jabez Clegg if you're not much of an internet dweeb.

Still not sure? Read what Manchester Music has to say about the event and check out the official facebook event to see who else is playing...