I'm back!

Yes, my residency at Mslexia has come to an end. But what a valuable experience: blogging for others means raising interesting points and asking questions, and that's really helped me work through my project, thinking aloud. And Mslexia readers were so helpful, answering my posts with all sorts of useful insights. Thanks!

So I'll endeavour to continue the same here, keeping you abreast of developments with the book. In the mean time, you might like a sneak preview of the latest development, right here on my last post for Mslexia...

It's not all work...

...no play, and blogging for Mslexia. I've just been to the lovely Moseley Folk Festival, now in its sixth glorious year. And I even wrote a review about it.

Actually, I've been writing a fair bit, outside of the big looming project. Some CD reviews for EDS (as ever), a couple of competition entries that I'll only tell you about if I win (which they won't do, so you'll never know). It's always good to keep up writing in other areas.

This is actually my last month as Guest Blogger for Mslexia, and I'm really going to miss it. It's really helped me think through my Eliza project, and there's been some lovely readers out there sharing their tips.

But then you can have me back here, so all will be well again :-)