Can't stop writing!

I think I expected to take a break after finishing Wayward Daughter. Instead, I can't stop writing.

And when I'm not writing, like when I'm at work, I'm thinking about writing and churning over ideas in my head. I've recently written up an interview with Sam Lee, whose debut album, Ground Of Its Own, is absolutely gorgeous, and I'll be entering it into a competition - though I'm sure I won't be mentioning that again as I haven't a hope of winning!

I've also written two album reviews in the past week, both for English Dance And Song magazine. One was the latest Unthanks record, the one they've produced in collaboration with Brighouse and Rastrick brass band, and the other was the latest Jack McNeill and Charlie Heys.

I've also interviewed storyteller, Debs Newbold, for a future piece in fRoots. It was so lovely to have a chat with someone with a broad Brummie accent and by the end of the conversation, she was calling me 'Soph'. It was just like talking with a family member. I'm also writing up an interview with Mikey Kenney which should be good - what a fascinating, determined character he is.

But tomorrow I've got a day off and me and my friend Lou are off to Edinburgh for a writing weekend. I can't wait! Neither of us have done this before, and we think it might simply be a cafe crawl by day, followed by a pub crawl at night, but I'm hoping some of Lou's perfectionism and patience will rub off on me.

It's all back to normal

Well, that's it, kiddos. The book has been out and about, collecting some rather lovely reviews, and life is back to normal.

Which means I'm getting my writing head back on. I've just reviewed the new Bella Hardy (man, I love that woman!) album, The Dark Peak And The White, which has a really fascinating interactive microsite here. I've also got two interviews lined up for this week: one with Sam Lee, whose debut album hasn't left my stereo as yet, and storyteller, Debs Newbold. I'm shortly going to be interviewing Andrea Corr, too, which should be a real eye-opener, and I'm also working on the PR for Ottersgear's debut album, Quest For Rest. I hope bloggers, journos and radio folks like it as much as me - I think it's an absolute corker!