A whole year.

In little under an hour, my first book, Wayward Daughter, is a year old. It's been such a great year, one that has whizzed by unrecognisably. I've had so much support and interest from so many people: friends, family, colleagues, folk fans, other musicians... I've had emails from happy readers, and some excellent reviews from magazines, newspapers and blogs. I'm utterly delighted, all in all. So thank you.

Extra gushing thanks to Soundcheck Books who have always been so supportive and generous with their time and patience (I like to email, truth be told!) over the past year. I know we'll always be firm friends.

And I've written a new chapter about what 2012 held in store for Eliza, and this will be available in the e-book version which will be released to coincide with Eliza's new retrospective, two-disc album, also called Wayward Daughter. Make sure you get your hands on an autographed CD from Proper.