Happy new year!

Happy 2014. A much nicer year in number than 2013 - I'm stupidly, irrationally superstitious - but I hope 2014 brings more of the nice things that occurred last year. So just a quick writing update, as it's already become a busy month...

My first piece for Canadian magazine, Penguin Eggs, is out now: a profile of the vocally sublime, fiddly-fantastic, Jackie Oates. I'm so chuffed to be invited to write for the magazine, it's a good one.

I've also been a busy interviewer, with profiles on Rowan Rheingans and Hannah Martin for future issues of FiddleOn, and a piece on Gren Bartley for fRoots. I'll let you know when they're out and about.

And then I've been working away on my ghostwriting challenge. To be honest, I wasn't sure how tricky I'd find it - writing from the viewpoint of a man leading a very different lifestyle to me - but I'm absolutely loving. It's the chance to take on a persona, try something out. I've written nearing 40,000 words now, so time to get back down to West Bromwich for more interview. Then it's a case of approaching agents and publishers. Fingers crossed!