The Folk Awards - and the first three chapters

Last night was the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards at the Royal Albert Hall. I didn't go this year, but I did tune in to catch the marvellous Martin Carthy receive his lifetime achievement award. I can't imagine what it must be like to speak to a capacity audience at one of the UK's best known venues - after receiving an inexplicably special award from Jarvis Cocker - but Martin did it with grace, humour and style (he was particularly pleased with his shirt). Later, he and Eliza played together beautifully. I really can't wait for their first album together. It's coming out in May.

But last night, I also finished the first three chapters of my new ghostwriting project, along with the proposal letter and chapter plan. They're with the subject now, and I'm feeling nervous all over again, like the first time Eliza read my writing. And that's before we begin the long, winding road to finding representation or publication (preferably both!) Fingers are well and truly jammed entwined for the next couple of months now.

Bring on Kate Tempest's Brand New Ancients on Saturday. That will be just the motivation I need to keep going.

Judging a book by its cover

I know you shouldn't, but there's nothing better than when you do - and it turns out to be a corker.

As soon as I saw Salt House's new album, Lay Your Dark Low, I had to like it. It was that peeling paint, the kind that gets under your nails when you just brush past. I hoped the music would get under my nails, too.

And then I found out that Salt House is Siobhan Miller and Lauren MacColl's new project, along with two Ewan/Euans with whom I wasn't familiar. Understandably, with those two ladies at the helm, it's a lovely record.

I was delighted to be able to speak to Siobhan this week for a piece on Salt House for Penguin Eggs, so keep your eyes peeled.
The editor of Penguin Eggs, Roddy Campbell, is in awe of Lauren's Fair Isle jumper - and I can see why! If anyone knows of any reputable Fair Isle jumper outlets in Canada, please let me know and I'll pass it on to Roddy :)