Join us at Mossley Writers

Even before I moved to Mossley, the very outpost of Greater Manchester, I'd been searching to see if there was a writing group. For a town of about 10,000, I hoped there would be. But there wasn't. Give it a year, I thought...

So I did, and last week marked the first meeting of Mossley Writers, a new writing group aimed at writers of all kinds – and this worked a treat, as our first meeting consisted of playwrights, memoirists, crime writers, novelists, short story writers, the published, the unpublished, the terrified, the confident... It felt great to read aloud an extract of a work in progress, something I probably haven't done since the writing group I belonged to at university, and get really useful, constructive, honest feedback. Everyone seemed just as enthusiastic.

So if you're a writer, live in Greater Manchester and can get to Mossley on the third Tuesday of the month, please join us! Predictably, you can find us on Facebook right here.