A short story

Oh my terrible, terrible silence. But my pen has been squeaking on the page at home, promise! In fact, I've had a short story published on The Pygmy Giant right here: https://thepygmygiant.com/2016/06/08/the-unquiet-grave/ Naturally, I'm delighted! 

'The Unquiet Grave' is one of my first short stories based on, inspired or influenced by an English folk song. I love folk and traditional music and I decided to write a collection of short stories based on the songs when I got my copy of the most recent edition of The Penguin Book of English Folk Songs. It's a beautiful looking book but, most importantly, the songs are ripe for further artistic exploration. 

It's not easy - all that murder, incest, STI contraction, cross dressing trickery and supernatural occurrings mean that the stories are in constant danger of becoming unwieldy and overzealous but it's certainly good practice and good fun, if nothing else. I'm in the splurge stage at the moment, getting it all out without a thought for polish and editing, which is also fun - until I come to look at the story for a second time and realise how much work there is to do. But hey-ho, that's all part of the process, isn't it?