Reading at The Real Story

Well, here I am, reading away at The Real Story on 22 October as part of Manchester Literature Festival (image courtesy of The Real Story's eagle-eyed Twitterers)

It was such a great night. Of course, I scared myself stupid – stage? microphone? lectern? esteemed authors? audience? – but it was one of those occasions where I think I managed to conceal my nerves and I did actually enjoy it. Headline writer, Horatio Clare, was a fascinating listen. Once I've got through my latest pile of library books, I've earmarked him as next in line.

So if you've got an urge to tell a real story, send it to the guys and they'll work with you to get the best draft possible. It's really nice to work with other writers on your piece, and quite unusual – normally it's just a case of submit then yes or no. Full stop. Then, if there's a Real Story event on the horizon, they might ask you to come and read. They'll also publish you on the site, as they did right here.