Writing biography

Aside from The Word Mill sessions that I lead (gently!), I've never facilitated a creative writing workshop. But it's always something I've been keen to do: to try it out, challenge myself and deepen my writing practice.

So I was delighted – and, naturally, terrified – when the inaugural Saddleworth Literary Festival offered me a three-hour slot on day two of the 2016 programme. I chose to run a 'writing biography' workshop, building on the experiences I had writing Wayward Daughter and From Light To Dark. I designed a few different exercises, each on a different aspect off biographical writing: from good interview techniques; to using source materials; to allowing creative, imaginative license.

And it worked! I also took part in the exercises and we enjoyed swapping our in-the-moment responses to a variety of prompts. One participant also brought along her WIP which made for interesting discussions. Three hours flew by!