Goodbye 2016

I don't need to tell you that 2016's been an odd year. It's been felt by all us. I'll be able to tell my children what it was really like, I tell myself as a useful mantra, giving myself some weird kind of purpose in all of this.

But on the writing front, things have been good – it's been a definite year of progress. My decision to lay off the music and other non-fiction writing, to bring forth the short stories, was a good one. I participated in a short story course run by Comma Press, to kickstart my short story writing again, and it was massively helpful. I met some great new emerging writers and having monthly deadlines really suited me. I've now got a clutch of new stories that I'm happy with. I'd really recommend it.  At the end of the course, we put forward the story with which we were most content and a volunteer editor put together an ebook published by Comma. It's a really good read, and you can get your copy right here (99p, too!)

I'm now working on a proposal for my collection of short stories, which is really beginning to take shape.

In other news, the paperback of From Light To Dark is now available, and, amazingly, the story of Dave's bid to be the first disabled person to complete (deep breath!) seven-marathons-in-seven-consecutive-days-on-seven-continents is being made into a short film. An audio book is also on the cards. Exciting stuff!

But I couldn't lay off the music writing completely, not when the lovely Penguin Eggs were keen to see a feature on one of my favourite new bands, Lynched. So check out the most recent issue, number 72, to understand why they've chosen to change their name.

Happy new year, folks!