Mossley Writers

Writing groups work for me. A couple of course-mates and I established a creative writing society at the University of Manchester when I was there studying English a lifetime ago. We would meet weekly to share our short stories, poems, extracts from failed novels, and we became really good friends. We're all still in touch, meeting whenever we can, despite being separated by miles (thousands of miles in the case of one).

The creative writing society forced me to write when I didn't feel like it, encouraged me to try writing along different themes, using different methods. We published an anthology; we invited established writers to come in and meet us. It made us prolific, experimental, less self conscious.

Now, ten years on from graduation (ten years!), I have established Mossley Writers, a new writing group in Greater Manchester. Though we're older and wiser, the support and encouragement is just as vital. If you live in Greater Manchester or West Yorkshire (or anywhere else, for that matter!) and can get to Mossley on the third Tuesday of the month, we'd love to meet you and hear your words. You can find us in The Britannia Inn just opposite the train station, 7.30-9.30pm (ish) or find us on Facebook.