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Can you help us find The Missing Patch?

I'm so excited to have been commissioned by Carnival arts organisation, Global Grooves, to create the micro story at the heart of its new participatory arts project, The Missing Patch.

‘Do you only talk in questions? Here.’

He flapped his free hand towards him. He pointed at a missing rectangle in the balloon’s skin. The air was escaping. The balloon wallowed like a sick bird. ‘Where did you lose it?’ ‘Questions, questions! We don’t have time for questions! Can’t you just get me a new patch? Then I’ll be in Rio in no time!’ ‘Okay,’ I said. ‘I’ve got some friends that can help.’

From the safety and comfort of their own homes, participants are invited to request a batik patch kit in order to create their own missing patch. On completion, Global Grooves artists will create an enormous patchwork hot air balloon, complete with basket, for a future Carnival performance.

And I've been delighted to work on the creative writing aspect of the project. We're asking readers to write what happens next in the story and submit it for inclusion in an illustrated digital book, which I'll be editing further down the line. Here's me encouraging would-be writers to get involved...

So make haste! Visit to read the story, find out more and get involved!


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