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Bird Behaviour is here!

Nothing prepares you for having your words – the little words you set down in a line on a page – acted so beautifully by an incredible actor before. Or directed by someone whose vision dovetails completely with your own.

After the M6 theatre company's Love in the Time of Corona winners were announced, I had a call with Gilly Baskeyfield, from M6, and actor, Emily Spowage, to discuss how the single voice play might be produced. We discussed how it could work for radio as well as theatre, and then it was left to them. I wasn't sure what we'd be seeing, or listening to, when all was revealed on Friday 26 June.

And it is exactly what I imagined, what I hoped for. In fact, with the big hair and the animation and music, it goes beyond what I thought was possible. I am absolutely thrilled. I hope you'll like it, too.

And while you're at it, have a watch of the other nine commissions. They're really, really good.

What a brilliant initiative, M6. Thank you.


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