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Peterloo happenings

Mossley Writers read at the start of the Mossley Peterloo march, Saturday 17 August 2019
L-R: Sandy Parkinson, Bonnie Meekums, Linda Boyles, Sophie Parkes

It's another Peterloo post, but I'm just so excited by Mossley Writers' group project and how much joy it's brought us.

The picture above is from when a handful of us met the walkers (not pictured – there was a lovely big group of them, complete with dogs and placards!) at the marketplace in Top Mossley ahead of their march to St Peter's Square in central Manchester. We read some of the short pieces from our first booklet which seemed to go down nicely. It felt good to contribute somehow.

We've also been present at a plaque unveiling to commemorate where 'worthy Mossley man' John Knight once lived; we've had lots of great comments about our exhibition in George Lawton Hall and accompanying website; and two of our number, Pat Baker and Graham Gillis, have had their Peterloo-themed poems put to music and performed by choirs, singer-songwriters and ukulele bands... it's all happening!

Next we've got our first workshop, courtesy of the Royal Exchange theatre and their Stalybridge Den project which I'm really looking forward to and has, I'm told, sold out. Bring it on!


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