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The Tameside WordShop is closed – for now

The Tameside WordShop was a year-long series of monthly writing workshops, generously funded by Arts Council England and supported by Tameside Libraries and Culture. It ran between July 2021 and July 2022, hosted 13 workshops both in-person at Ashton Library and online, and was even featured on BBC Radio Four's Today Programme.

We had host writers of myriad forms and genres – poetry, prose, screenwriting, audio, playwriting, memoir, writing for young people – and participant writers who were brand new to writing, writing veterans, and everyone in-between.

It was so worthwhile. Personally, I met a whole host of new writers from across the borough, desperate to learn and network with other writers, and participated in wildly inspirational workshops that have helped me kick-start my writing after a chunk of time away. Let's hope this isn't the only time The Tameside WordShop opens its doors...

I really hope you enjoy the video above. John Grey has produced a beautiful thing, and we all scrub up rather well.

To read some writing generated during workshops, visit the website:


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