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Writing in the Time of Corona

I'm lucky that my pastime and my passion is also my therapy. So when life gets a little...different, shall we say, my need for writing increases, often in all different directions.

I've busy with novel number two, but writing in my notepad to try and cut down the amount of screen-time. I've also been taking my notepad out on my daily walks, too, which has been really lovely. The peace, birdsong and sunshine has really helped me focus on the setting: a bonny weekend in early May.

Having no commute, I've been doing more music writing than I usually have time for. In the current issue of Rock n Reel, I have a piece on The Met, Bury, for the 'Venues We Love' feature (and I do really, really love that venue), and for forthcoming issues, I have contributed to the Writers' Playlist and It Started With A Disc, a piece I really enjoyed writing: that first album that sent me crazy for music. I won't reveal which now, but those who know me will not be surprised.

I've also long harboured a dream to write drama for radio. I haven't quite got into that arena yet, but I have had a go at a couple of monologues for the stage, just to start thinking aurally. I've really enjoyed the process, so watch this space.

Mossley Writers has also been busy adapting to life under lockdown. We're now meeting via Zoom, which has been lots of fun, but we've also launched a Travelling Tale: a short story that grows by 400 words each time it's emailed to a member of the group. I'm not sure where it's up to now so I'm looking forward to reading the end results.

I've also been overjoyed to write actual physical letters to friends again. I have a friend in Australia that I write actual physical letters to, but during this period, two other friends, who live in neighbouring counties, decided to put pen to paper – and it's been so lovely to respond. The only problem is my horrendous handwriting... thankfully I have one pen that helps knock mine into something vaguely readable.

Anyway, best get back to the PhD. Bye for now.


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