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Creative writing and social prescribing

Too many friends have got stories about stand-offish, exclusive writing groups. When I started Mossley Writers, I knew from the beginning that I wanted to try and cultivate a genuinely warm environment. It's not always easy – groups that know each other well and have been going for some time can automatically feel a little cliquey – but I hope that new people that arrive at Mossley Writers feel welcome.

And I think social prescribing is an excellent initiative. Mossley Writers is part of Action Together, which makes it easy for social prescribers to be able to signpost people that are feeling isolated and under a variety of pressures to find new people and develop new skills and interests. This video goes some way to explain what social prescribing is (and there's another video designed especially for healthcare practitioners).

If you'd like to know more about Mossley Writers, take a look at the Mossley Writers tab on the top menu.

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