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New online workshops

Lockdown drags on. Still, I'm in the extremely fortunate position of having healthy friends and family, and plenty of work to occupy me so I really shouldn't complain.

Which brings me very nicely to Tameside Libraries' Digital Words, a readers' and writers' festival which will be held over Zoom next month. I'm delighted to be offering four free creative writing workshops aimed at people finding their feet with creative writing. The aim of the game will be to create a short story based on lockdown life – or if you need some escapism right now, anything you like!

Each session will be themed as follows:

Session 1: Finding your voice: creating character. Every piece of fiction needs interesting, memorable characters that draw us close to the action. (Thursday October 8 2020, 6-7pm)

Session 2: Hearing voice: dialogue that works. Realistic interactions that help your story unfold. (Thursday October 15 2020, 6-7pm)

Session 3: Memorable places: settings that come to life. Down the road or on another planet, your environment is key to a good read. (Thursday October 22 2020, 6-7pm)

Session 4: More than weather: powerful beginnings. Hook your reader in from your very first sentence. (Thursday October 29 2020, 6-7pm)

To find out more and to register your free place, please visit the festival website here.


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