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Playwright? Moi?

I've always harboured a desire to write a radio play. I think it's growing up in a household where the radio was on all day and most of the night. However, I've never quite had the guts to do it. Formatting scripts, thinking about timings... it's always deterred me.

But when M6 Theatre Company announced their 'Love in the Time of Corona' competition, I knew it was an opportunity not to be missed. The company invited writers to come up with a monologue which could be performed on the stage to three different age groups: 7-11, 12-14, 15-18.

Maybe I could have a go, I thought. And no better time than now.

I got really into it. I came up with two monologues: 'Bird Behaviour' for 7-11 year-olds and 'Living My Best Life' for 15-18 year-olds. I submitted both, not thinking much to it, other than a useful bit of practise that I could later build on.

And then I had a call at the beginning of the week. 'Living My Best Life' had been shortlisted, and 'Bird Behaviour' had won! I couldn't believe it!

The shortlisted and winning entries are all listed here, and here's what the judges – theatre makers and young people – had to say about 'Bird Behaviour':

We all felt that your entry was completely unique. It was both funny yet tender and it was a change for us to read one that had a fantasy style.

The writing is so fresh and imaginative and we felt it gives voice to the natural world, which has, amidst all the chaos and heartbreak been offered a breathing space as we humans have stayed at home and allowed a moment of rebalance.

Many thanks to you for capturing this for our young audiences. It really is a lovely idea especially for the age group.

Well, I could've died.

Now I'm going to be paired up with a director and performer and will enjoy a performance of 'Bird Behaviour' online by the end of June.

Bring it on!


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